Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali – Dance, the movement of the body in a rhythmic manner, usually to music and within a given space, to express a thought or feeling, releasing energy, or simply taking pleasure in the movement.

Dance is a powerful object, but the art of dance is the motivation that is directed by skilled players into something that becomes deeply expressive and that can charm audiences who do not wish to dance themselves. These 2 concepts of the art of dance. Dance as a strong & powerful desire and dance as a skillfully choreographed by artist art form largely practised by a few professional people Are the two most run-through of any idea of ​​the subject. There are important connecting considerations.

Here are the Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

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1st Out of Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Step 2 Dance

Providing services since 1999, is one of the oldest dance schools in the city. They help nurture your passion for dance and provide professional training in all dance forms. In addition, they organize many competitions and dance shows in the city.

Belly Dance, Cha Cha Cha, B-boying, Salsa, Locking & Popping, Party Dance, Hip-Hop, Jazz, are some of his specializations.

Contact Details of Step 2 Dance

Address SCF-63, Top Floor, Near Amrit Confectioners, Phase-5, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number – 98886-97158

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2nd Out of Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

We Born to Dance

Team of experienced instructors, who have already trained a plethora of students in various dance forms. The factor is that they also treat many plays and stage shows in Mohali. Specializing in catering to almost all age groups; Separate batches are also available for kids and seniors.

They conduct classes for Bollywood, B-boying, Contemporary, Zumba, Locking and Popping, Hula Hoops, Salsa, Kathak, and many more.

Contact Details of We Born to Dance

Address – SCF 20, Top Floor, Sector 125, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number – 79471-09052

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3rd Out of Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Dance World

Dance World is one of the first and largest dance training institutes in Chandigarh. They are committed to fostering excellence and nurturing the natural potential of students. They aim to motivate creativity and boost confidence with dance participants.

Offering Latin American Dance, Punjabi Dance, Contemporary, Salsa, Hip Hop, Bollywood.

Contact Details of Dance World

Address – SCO 12, Near Neelam Theater, Shopping Plaza,  Sector 17 E, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number – 98760-42751

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4th Out of Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Dance Work Z Studios

DanceworkZ is owned by Sumit Kumar, a talented quarter-finalist from India. They focus on teaching the student’s rhythm sense so that they can create their own choreography. If you are looking for a variety of fitness workouts then this is a great place to be. Accept them if you are looking for wedding choreography and stage shows etc. They practice in it.

The dance forms taught here are Jive Dance, Tap Dance, Ballet, Fusion, Freestyle, Cha-Cha which includes fitness-based Zumba Aerobics and Bhangra.

Contact Details of Dance Work Z Studios

Address – SCO 37, Sector 18 D (Church), Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number – 98888-09835

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5th Out of Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali

Dansation Dance Studio

Dances Dance Studio gives dance training to students of all ages and levels. Our dance classes train students to master excellent methods, performance, and a variety of different dance forms and styles as well as increase the confidence and creativity of the learners.

Dansation dance shows present training to students of high potential in a mentally and artistically caring atmosphere. Students are shown to every level of training which is an essential piece in the dance mosaic; It provides specific training within a logical and total sequence. We value training students through positive support and shared respect. Our classes, achievements, competitions, exams, opportunities to travel, and exposure to the many styles and systems of dance provide our students the chance to grow and develop into beautiful, strong, and certain dancers. Dance Chamber’s unique and comprehensive approach helps students, regardless of their goals in dance, reach their highest technical dance potential with grace—even if these dreams simply involve increasing stamina or stepping up to agility on the social dance floor. get involved.

Contact Details of Dansation Dance Studio

Address – Sco 548 Top Floor, above hdfc bank, Sector 70, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab India 160071

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Benefits of Dance

Increase strength and overall health –

Dancing is exercise, so naturally, it will help strengthen your bones and muscles. As your strength builds up, you’ll have more energy to continue dancing. Your increased level of physical activity and exercise can help prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease and may reduce your risk of osteoporosis as your bones get stronger.

Increase memory –

When you exercise, the level of chemicals in your brain increases that encourage nerve cells to grow, and since dancing requires you to remember different steps and sequences, your brainpower increases. Which helps in improving your memory. Dance involves multiple brain

functions at once – kinetic, rational, musical, and emotional. Using all of these at the same time can further increase your nerve activity, helping to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Improve Flexibility –

Stretching before and after the dancing is very important to get the most out of your movements and avoid injury. As you continue to dance, you will continue to stretch more and see how it becomes easier to complete each stretch. As the times become easier, you will be able to go more in each range, creating longer lines as you forever stretch your muscles and become more and more flexible. With this increased flexibility you will notice that you have a wider range of motion and will make your dance much easier.

Increase balance –

To correctly execute each move and sequence, you will need to be able to maintain a strong center of gravity. As you learn each movement and begin to gain more flexibility and strength, your posture, balance, and spatial awareness will naturally begin to improve, making it easier for you to complete each step.

Healthy Heart and Lungs – Dancing is a great cardiovascular exercise. As you continue to dance and see your strength and grace improve, you will see your stamina increase. Your heart rate will remain stable for a longer period of time and you will not feel breathless as the condition of your heart and lungs improves.

Reduce stress –

When you are dancing, your body is completely focused on the music and your surroundings in that moment. Being around friends or having someone special to enjoy dancing to your favorite music can help you focus strictly on the moment and help reduce the amount of cortisol produced by your brain. (the hormone associated with stress), lowers your stress and stress levels.

Reduce Depression –

Dancing can be a very therapeutic and healthy way for people to channel any feelings they may have. If you suffer from depression, dancing using music or movements can give you an outlet for your emotions, allowing you to connect in a positive environment. Being able to express oneself without talking can lead to a sense of freedom, both physically and physically. As you continue to dance, you will see how much easier the dance will become and your confidence and self-esteem will naturally increase, helping to further reduce your feelings of depression, both on and off the dance floor.

Lose Weight –

Consistent dancing that uses multiple muscle groups at the same time helps tone your entire body. A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology discovered that an exercise performance of aerobic dance training is as useful as jogging or cycling in changing body shaping and aerobic power. You may also notice a natural change in your consuming habits as you begin to feel healthier with your dancing, which will also help with weight management.

Social Improve and Build Confidence –

Everyone enjoys meeting new people and dancing provides a fun environment to meet people who have the same interests as you – they want to learn how to dance! This type of environment is perfect to either use your social skills if you are outgoing or help strengthen your social skills if you have a calm personality. Dancing is a great way to meet new friends and improve your social outlook while in an environment where you can feel safe and comfortable.

Start with Dance

You can dance with a partner, or on your own. There are many various places you can enjoy dancing, for example, social venues, dance schools, town halls, and in your personal home. Dance can be performed both competitively and socially. It can be a good alternative to entertainment and sports, as people of any age can participate in it. It does not matter whether it is cold or it is raining, as the dance is usually performed indoors.

The gear you’ll need for dancing will depend on the dance style you choose. For example, tap dancing would involve buying tap shoes, while ballet universe requires ballet sleepers and ballet clothing. To get started, just pick a style you love, or want to try, look online for dance schools in the Yellow Pages or your local area, and join a class.

Type of Dance

There are many styles of dance to choose from, each with its own charm. Popular styles of dance include:

  • Ballet – Performed essentially to classical music, this dance form focuses on power, technique, and flexibility, etc.
  • Ballroom Dance – This includes several partner-dance styles such as the waltz, swing, foxtrot, rumba, and tango.
  • Belly Dancing – Originating in the Middle East, this dance form is a fun way to exercise.
  • Hip-Hop – Mostly performed to hip-hop music, this urban dance style can include breaking, popping, locking, and freestyling.
  • Jazz – A high-energy dance style that involves kicks, leaps, and turns to the beat of the music.
    Pole dance has become increasingly popular as a form of exercise. It involves sensual dancing with a vertical pole and requires muscular endurance, coordination, and upper and lower body strength.
  • Salsa – Incorporating a mix of the Caribbean, Latin American, and African influences, salsa is usually a companion dance and emphasizes rhythm and sensuality.
  • Square-dancing – A type of folk dance in which four couples dance in a square pattern, moving around each other and changing partners.
  • Tap dancing – focuses on timing and beats. The name stems from the tapping sounds made when small metal plates on the dancer’s shoes touch the ground.

Choose a Dance Style

When picking a dance style, ask your own self questions such like:

  • Do I want to dance to change my fitness?
  • Am I trying to increase my flexibility and coordination?
  • Do I prefer fast dance or slow dance?
  • Do I want to dance with a spouse, or on my personal?
  • Do I want to join a group, or do private lessons?
  • Will I enjoy the contests, or do I just want to dance for joy?

General tips for Dancing

If you’re looking to dance, suggestions include:

  • If you have a medical condition, are overweight, are over the age of 40, or are unfit, see your doctor for a check-up.
  • Wear layers of clothing that you can take off when your body is warm.
  • Do a warm-up stretch or activity before starting a dance session.
  • Drink lots of water before, during, and later dancing.
  • Make sure you rest between dance sessions.
  • Don’t force yourself too greatly or too fast, particularly if you’re a newcomer.
  • Wear professionally fitted shoes to suit your dance style.
  • Check with your dance instructor to see if you have the proper form.
  • Sit down first and watch the new dance moves. Learning new moves puts you at an increased risk of injury, especially if you’re already tired.
  • Do regular leg strengthening exercises.
  • Proceed as fluidly and gracefully as possible.
  • Cool down after a dance session, including stretching.


This unit has shed light on some of the fundamental aspects of dance skills and given you ideas about what to include and possible approaches to developing such skills in the classroom. It has also focused on the development of performance skills and the use of feedback. Then there are the Top 5 Dance Classes in Mohali  You may also like to use the Unit Forum to discuss and debate any dance-related issue, share ideas or ask questions.

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