Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Mohali – English is not just a language but it is a way of life! However, things have become a bit easier now where you now need to focus on cracking exams like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL etc. All these exams are conducted for non-native English speaking countries and are a measure of how well a person can cope with a foreign language. Students, while applying to various universities need to give these exams and score anywhere is the first step for admission. They also need to be trained from the best English speaking course in Mohali.

However, the exams are tough and not the same as any English test. To be able to score well one needs to understand, read, write and communicate the language properly and for that, we have a list of some of the best English speaking courses in Mohali for you. These institutes help the students to prepare according to the exam pattern and make them practice which results in better results.

Here are the best Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Mohali

1st out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Mohali

Scholar English Speaking Institutes

Scholarly English speaking institutes are well established institutions in Mohali for providing English coaching classes to the student. The main objective of their formation is to form and nurture the basic concepts of the students. Scholarly English Speaking Institutes preferred coaching classes in the area of ​​Mohali by successful students. They are providing classes and courses offered by the institute which are designed to help you adequate and empower the students with the education that helps them to achieve their personal and professional goals. The objective behind the venture is to provide clear focus and professional supervision to all those who propose to achieve the goal set for their life.

Scholar English Speaking Institute is a place where teaching staff, managerial staff and parents work together to achieve a prosperous and secure future in academics for every student. All the students of this institute are well prepared to face any exam in near future, they have made them the learners of today. A specific study plan and test is designed by the teachers for the students and effective learning process is also used in each session. The goal of this organization is to provide best class services and efficient education to its students, their job is to impart subjective as well as practical knowledge to their students. With years of experience, he has created quality teaching methods for every beginner in his institution. In the past years, they have many skilled students in achieving their goals.

Contact Details of Scholar English Speaking Institutes

Address: House No 1130, Phase 3B2, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 09646178189 7986778807

2nd out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Mohali

IELTS Learning

IELTS Learning is considered to be the best place for anyone who wants to master English speaking skills and none have been ranked in the list of top 5 English speaking coaching institutes in Mohali. Those who think that they do not have a basic knowledge of the English language can opt for an English speaking course in Mohali. Their curriculum is designed to improve overall accuracy and fluency of the language.

Their courses are available for all levels from beginner to advanced. However, those who wish to learn the art of communicating well with clients can opt for other English-speaking courses. The English speaking courses from IELTS Learning will definitely give you an edge over your peers and expose you to global English language standards.

Contact Details of IELTS Learning

Address: SCF – 24, 2nd Floor, Phase – 7 Mohali – 160059, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: +91-6283588646


3rd out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Mohali

British Careers Group

British Career Group’s focus ranges from appreciating self-expression on the individual to encouraging original thought and promoting personal achievement, to ensuring long-term success. The road to your future begins here with the British Career Group. We will help you reach beyond all odds to find yourself and help you become the kind of person you always knew you could be!

British Careers Group is the one-stop solution for all your international study and coaching needs. The main activity is to assist the students in making the right choice with regard to pursuing education in foreign educational institutions.

Contact Details of British Careers Group

Address: Scf 54, 2nd Floor, Phase 7, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 09988922775 8146992270

4th out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Mohali

Dolphin Head Hunters

Dolphin Head Hunters as the premier spoken English classes in Chandigarh understands the nuances of the needs of the students by considering the various language challenges. We as a leading English education institution aim to create an entertaining and interactive environment around the students which fosters their interest to absorb the taste of this beautiful language. As an Indian, we are living in a country with our Hindi mother tongue facing barriers to communication due to lack of command over the English language. It is indecent that most of the Indian people are oppressed because of lack of knowledge of only one language.

Contact Details of Dolphin Head Hunters

Address: SCO: 85-86, 2nd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, 160022, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 0172-4005567 , 9780754465


5th out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Mohali


Owing to its impressive results, ThinkEnglish is now becoming the first choice of students for spoken English classes and best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh and North India.

We are a one stop solution provider for all the students and professionals who want to pursue their higher education abroad and advance their career. ThinkEnglish also deals in study visas for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

At ThinkEnglish, high quality training is guaranteed and is an essential part of our identity.
At ThinkEnglish, we believe that our success lies in the success of our students. Hence, we help and support our students so that they can fulfill their dreams.

By connecting with ThinkEnglish, we assure our students that they will not only read, write, listen and speak English, but also think in English.

Contact Details of ThinkEnglish

Address: S.C.O. 113, First Floor, Phase-11 Sector-65 Mohali (Chandigarh), Punjab, India

Business Phone Number:  95777-05000


Some Spoken English Tips

Below are some tips to follow to boost your English language learning process.

Think in English: One of the most effective and useful spoken English tips is to ‘think’ in English. Yes, when we say that thinking in a language improves it, we mean reducing the burden of translation. For example, A is a native Hindi speaker, and every time he talks in English, he first thinks in Hindi what he wants to say. Then, translates it into English in his mind, and then finally speaks in English. Now, this is a difficult task to perform.

Even people who are proficient in multiple languages ​​face difficulty in switching between languages. So the solution is to think in English, because doing so makes speaking more comfortable and fluent in communication.

Speak in English: Another tip for improving English language skills is to use English as often as possible when you talk. This includes reading aloud as it makes you more comfortable with the language. Using a mirror while speaking is also an excellent exercise to see facial expressions and body language. This helps us to increase our confidence level.

One thing we look for when learning to ‘speak’ any language is that fluency is of utmost importance. Speaking fluently matters more, even if not always spoken correctly. The trick is never to stop or stammer, as it makes you feel more confident, more comfortable when speaking.

Listen to English: Listen to audio, watch videos, shows and channels in English and try to repeat parts of it that you like. Watch that part over and over and speak, trying to match the tempo and tone. Practicing, listening and repeating are the best ways to increase language fluency. Listening to songs in English and singing along is a great way to practice! Trying to learn phrases and sayings in addition to English words is another tip for better spoken English. This is simply because the more words you try to pronounce and speak, the better you will be able to express.

Join English Classes: Learning English from scratch is challenging. Learning English grammar especially can be nerve-racking for beginners. Thus, you can speed up your learning process with the help of English language teachers.

Nature and Scope of English Language

Communication plays a quintessential role in our lives. It helps us to express and share thoughts, feelings and emotions. Languages ​​are a means of communication as they help us to put our thoughts into words. There are thousands of languages ​​in the world today, but what makes English special is its dominance in all walks of life. This has expanded the scope of the English language.

English has become a ladder of social mobility. The ever-increasing demand is such that we see that coaching centers and English medium schools are growing in large numbers in all parts of the country. Although this language was given by the British as they bought it for our country, it is clear that it is with us till date. Indians give a lot of respect to the language, and it has an honorable place in our minds. It is a ‘must know’ language with strong roots in all offices, businesses, societies and social, economic and even political structures in the country.

We consider English as a condition not only for economic prosperity but also for social value. Upper and middle class people want their children to be given the best education, for which they consider English medium as a mandate. Whereas, the people of the lower class follow the model set by the upper and middle classes. This has resulted in tremendous growth of English medium schools across India.

Below are some points to explore when it comes to the nature and scope of the English language.

Research suggests that employees with English language communication skills have better scope and progress faster in companies. It also helps in performing the targeted tasks with ease.

English also dominates trade, publication and media is our country. Books and media are important because they are the primary sources of education and information.

Discussing the dominance of the English language in Third World book publishing, Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffin declare that half of book titles in India are published in English.

Many international magazines are published in English. In addition, a third of books worldwide are published in this language.

Similarly, popular newspapers, news channels, magazines and magazines in India are in English. Thus the media becomes an essential source of learning and improving English.

The growth and spread of English in India has given a new dimension to careers in the field of writing and teaching the language. It has provided new and exciting opportunities to the people and has expanded the scope of English as a career.

More and more people employ interpreters and translators. Other roles include writer, professor of English literature, etc.

Apart from making a career in English, it is officially the language used in India, which answers why we need to learn English. It aids and facilitates in our personality development and helps us to perform better at work.


Having a good grasp of the English language is sure to give you an edge wherever you go. As they say, ‘First impression is the last impression’, therefore, it is extremely important that apart from our mannerisms and personality, a good neutral accent in the English language adds a feather to our overall personality. Start learning by enrolling in one of these Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Mohali for English learning training and get world class, English classes in Mohali. Improve your English skills / Interview skills / Communication skills and get ahead in your career.